Buy Blue Edition CBD Oil Online


Buy Blue Edition CBD Oil Online.The Original Alternative use only the finest grade Cannabis and Hemp plants that are grown and extracted from artisan farms across Europe. Only using buds and flowers for their CO2 extraction process and use low heat and low pressure. Resulting in a high-quality full-spectrum CBD Oil that is suspended in certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil. The Blue Edition Oil uses Hemp Sativa Whole Plant Extract from organically grown outdoor female plants and uses a dropper for easy consumption. Each batch is tested in The Original Alternative’s own lab along with an independent third party laboratory, Buy Blue Edition CBD Oil Only,

All our CBD Oils and Capsules are  in Suffolk, the extracts are blended with hemp seed or coconut oil in the measured amounts, this gives us the complete mix which is then bottled or added to capsules ready for you to use. Once we have produced a batch we will then test it using our own HPLC testing machine and independently at a third party laboratory, because its a natural product there will be small variations in the content so once its been batch tested we then stamp the total content on the box so you know exactly what the CBD content of your oil is. Quality does matter!

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